Terms & conditions


In these terms and conditions ‘Temporary Workers’ mean any temporary workers introduced by B Carers to the client.

‘Client’ means the local authority, trust, company, hospital, Residential/Nursing homes, person or other legal entity for whom B Carers has agreed to provide the services in accordance with these conditions.

‘Conditions’ means the terms and conditions for the supply of services as set out in this document and (unless the context otherwise require) any other special terms and conditions agreed in writing between B Carers and the client.

‘B Carers’ means Better Carers Limited Company Reg no: 4135328 whose Registered office is at 19 Ibstock Close, Reading, Berkshire, RG30 2NU.

‘B Carers’ standard charges means the charges shown in B Carers price list or other published literature relating to the service from time to time.

‘Services’ means the supply of temporary workers to be provided by B Carers for the client as specified on the shift request form and in clause 2, or work carried out by the temporary workers on behalf of the clients.

‘Shift Request Form’ means the form to which these conditions are appended.

The heading in these conditions are for convenience only and shall not affect their interpretation.

Supply of Services

B Carers shall provide the service to the Client subject to these conditions. Any changes, or addition to the Services or these conditions, must be agreed in writing by a director of B Carers and the Client.

B Carers will endeavour to provide a suitable Temporary Worker when requested by the Client but the Client recognises that their exact requirements may not be met on every occasion. The Client is solely responsible for deciding whether to accept or reject the suggested Temporary Worker.

The Client shall provide full and accurate information as required on the shift request form together with such additional information as is necessary to enable B Carers to select an appropriate Temporary Worker.

The Client is responsible for the supervision, direction and control of the temporary Worker and this includes all matters to do with the full and proper induction (including full details of the task required and health and safety issues) into the workplace of any Temporary Worker.

The Client understands and accepts the Temporary Workers are not agents or representatives of B Carers and accepts that they are supplied on the basis that B Carers will not under any circumstances be liable for any acts or omissions of the Temporary Worker during or after any employment for the client.

The acceptance by the Client of any Temporary Worker is deemed to Constitute their acceptance of these Terms & Conditions and notwithstanding any assertion to the company no other terms and conditions shall apply.

Verification Checks

Where reasonably practicable and where permitted by law, B Carers shall ensure that police checks are carried out on Temporary Workers, provided it will be lawful to do so. B Carers shall notify the Client if a police check has been carried out on a Temporary Worker, and of all offences disclosed.

B Carers shall make such enquires as are reasonably practicable for the purposes of ascertaining that:

The Temporary Worker has such qualifications necessary for the type of work requested by the client in accordance with shift request forms and any legal requirements.

The doing of such work by the Temporary Worker will not be in Contravention of any other requirement or prohibition imposed by law.